Many things have changed in our industry since Casual Cushion was founded. Fabric options have evolved so much that they feel like they should be made for indoor furniture. Furniture has gone from being made from PVC pipe to synthetic wicker, exotic wood, and hand-finished aluminum.

The one constant at Casual Cushion is that we still have our hands in the process. Our cushions will continue to be made by hand, by skilled people who are passionate about what they do. As many as 9 employees may be involved in creating your cushion before it’s shipped out.

From all of us at Casual Cushion, we thank you for the opportunity to serve you and we hope to continue providing you the same quality, selection, delivery and customer service for many more years to come!

  • Our process begins with cutting the fabric. We utilize digital patterns that are either cut by automated machine or by hand, by experienced professionals to ensure consistency every time.
  • The “Prep” department then creates the boxing, ties (cloth or Velcro®), zipper inserts, and all other parts to make sure each cushion has what it needs prior to sewing.
  • Our cushions are then sewn by experienced people who pay close attention to details such as matching stripes, even through the boxing process. They are proud to put their sewing number on the back of your law label.
  • Then our cushions are “turned”. This is the first round of quality control, and our employees check for any imperfections. Each cushion is sewn inside out, and this process turns the skin back the correct way.
  • The next step is stuffing our products, which happens 1 of 4 ways: by hand, by deep seating machine, by a horizontal machine or blown (pillows). Before our cushions are stuffed, the cores are fabricated in- house or sourced by local suppliers. After each pillow has fiber blown into it, it is then weighed to ensure consistency. After our products are stuffed, they are either sewn and zippered shut.
  • The final inspection, which takes place in the packing department, removes any loose threads, and makes sure the cushion is produced correctly. The cushions are then cleaned, packaged, labeled and boxed so they are ready to be beautifully displayed in your store or delivered to your customer.